Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enterprise Pitch

Enterprise Pitch:

Two Sentence Explanation: After years of waiting and asking for money, the Genesee Recreation Department is finally getting some adequate play fields. They are adding two softball fields, and in the future (hopefully) a standalone baseball field and a standalone football field.

Evidence: I wrote a story about this earlier in the Summer when they initially had the money approved for the play fields back in July. The softball fields are in the process of being built. They hope to add the football and baseball fields in the future.

Why Now: The city of Genesee has needed these fields for awhile, so this story is relevant no matter what part you cover. The reason for me is they want the fields ready and playable by the Spring when the softball team returns. The softball team (if I remember correctly) has won the State Championship in back-to-back years. Now they will finally have a field that is at their level of play.

Interviews: I’ve talked to Art Lindquist the Genesee Recreation Department Commissioner. Since my initial talk with him to check in, I haven’t been able to get him back. The reason that is important is I’m hoping to interview one of the coaches and a softball player about the new fields and what it will mean to them. I was hoping to get a name suggestion from Art, so when I called it wasn't a surprise for the coach and player. My fourth interview I’m not sure whom I’ll go after, but I’ll find someone.

Format: Print, 500-600 words

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