Friday, September 5, 2014

Beat Note

I've chosen the City of Pullman Beat.

The City of Pullman beat is very important to the public for obvious reasons. The city has several different parts that work together and you can always find something to talk about or write about. The city’s many parts include the planning department, the police, the fire department, the city council, the city supervisor, public works, and many, many more. There are always issues that I don’t necessarily know about or see coming, but there are a few things coming up or going on. See below.

I plan to focus on any and all areas of the city if possible. There are so many things about any city that make it go, that I can’t really narrow down the idea of the city beat down too much. I’m going to focus more on the government side of things. So items like City Council, Public Works, Planning, Supervisor, Crime (minimally), Fire Department (local fires/issues), and just about anything that is going to or does affect the city. I know that is very broad, but I think there are too many things that make a city work.

If the city is to function all of its pieces need to be functioning. One way to ensure the city functions at full capacity is for the public who lives in the area to be involved and informed. The best way to keep the public informed is to have a beat that can and will cover all things going on in the area.

Three proposed story ideas:
The City of Pullman Planning Department is starting the process of gaining public comments about their comprehensive plan for the future. The department will use the comments to help shape the future of the city.

Marijuana could be in Pullman soon. However, the state liquor control board still needs to issue the person a license. And the city planner says the person still has quite a way to go before being able to sell marijuana.

Pullman City Council almost always has something important going on. The council holds the city’s immediate future and plans in their hands. Going to a council meeting always generates some type of story.

Three Relevant Articles about my Beat:

Three sources for future stories + 1 face to face interview

Mayor Glenn Johnson – 509-338-3316
City Planning Director Pete Dickinson – 509-338-3279
City Supervisor Mark Workman – 509-338-3212

Video with Pete Dickinson explaining the City’s Planning Department

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