Monday, September 29, 2014

Census Assignment

Story related to my beat: 2nd Quarter Summary

Press Release

Interesting about ACS New State: I think it's interesting that 42 states and the District of Columbia saw no change in Poverty.

1. Genesee, ID -- Latah County
  1. Click on “selected social characteristics” and dig deeper into your town.
    1. How many people live in your town? 994
    2. How many people were born in a foreign country? 12
    3. How many divorced women and divorced men? 38
    4. What percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree? 150
    5. How many people have a disability? 90 (9.1%)
b. Go back to the main page for your town (click the back arrow). Click on “Topics,” “People,” and then “Poverty” -- in that order.
c. Then click on Food Stamps/SNAP.
1. How many households receive food stamps? 32
2. What percent of the population lives below the poverty level? 5.5%

2. Go back to your search page. (Click the back arrow.)
a. Under “Your Selections” in the upper-left corner, click the X to remove poverty results.
b. Now click “Topics,” “People,” “Employment,” and then “Employment Status.”
a. Click on the table “Selected Economic Characteristics.”
1. How many residents are in the labor force? 508
2. How many are not in the labor force? 202
3. How many work in agriculture? 23
4. How many work in Educational services, and health care and social assistance? 162
5. How many earn more than $200,000 annually? 3
6. How many families live on less than $25,000 per year? 53
7. What percent lack health insurance? 73 (7.3%)

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