Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Public Disclosure Commission

  1. Click on “Search the Database.”
  2. Click on Candidates.
  3. Who raised the most money in 2012? How much? Robert M McKenna – $13,828,000.97
  4. About how much money was raised in the race for the governor’s office? $26,618,855.28
  5. Click on the "Legislative" tab.
  6. Change the year to 2014.
    1. Who has raised the most money in the 2014 Legislative race? Andrew R Hill - $822,427.10
    2. Who has raised the most money in District 9? Joe Schmick - $116,582.30
    3. Let's look at Susan Fagan's campaign funding. Click on "Details" next to her name.
      1. How much has Delta Dental contributed to Fagan's campaign in 2014? $1,000
      2. The Gun Owners' Action League? $0
      3. Let's say you want to interview a supporter of Fagan. List one Pullman donor. (Last one was 2013) Motley Peg
      4. At the top of the page, click on "Expenditures."
        1. Why did Fagan's campaign pay $1,000 to ACN? Radio Program Time
        2. How much has her campaign spent on candy?  $122.20
    4. At the top of the page, click on "Committees." Organize the data by amount "Raised."
      1. Which committee has raised the most money? WA Education ASSN Pac - $1,615,657.73
    5. Click on "Search the Database" and let's look at "Lobbyists."
      1. Which lobbyist has received the most "Compensation"?  Gordon Thomas Honeywell Gov. Affairs$1,223,670.56
      2. Once you located that lobbyist, click on "Employers." List two employers who hired the lobbyist. Appriss Inc. Carmax Auto Superstores Inc.
      3. We can also track spending on initiatives in Washington state. To do that, let's look here:http://www.pdc.wa.gov/public/ballotmap/ballotinitmap.aspx 
        1. How much has been raised in support of 2014 initiatives? $16,049,595.22 How much in opposition? $545,510.46
        2. How much has been raised for initiative 591? $1,23,030.86 In opposition? $0.00
          1. How much of that money came from donors in Whitman County? $660.00 (for), $0.00 (against)
          2. How much have donors from New York contributed in opposition to this initiative? $50 (for), $0.00 (against)
          3.  What would the initiative do? Protects against adding stricter regulations on background checks on guns. It keeps the regulations at the National Standards.
          4. Let's follow the money here:http://www.pdc.wa.gov/MvcQuerySystem/Committee/initiative_committees
          5.  Find the top two donors to the "Washington Alliance for Gun Safety." 591 – Washington Arms Collectors, Gun Owners Action League… 594 – Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Hanauer Nicolas
          6. You can see historical data on the most-expensive campaigns here:http://www.pdc.wa.gov/archive/home/historical/pdf/MostMoneyJournal.pdf Governor: Robert McKenna (2012) $13,828,001… Attorney General Rob McKenna (2008) $1,882,960… Initiatives (for) 1183 $20,115,326… Initiatives (against) 522 $32,711,222.31… State Senate John(Jack) Connelly Jr. (2012) $1,035,722…Single Race Senate (2013) 26th District (Angel, Schlicher) $1,320,529…State House Cyrus Habib (2012) $340,771…Single Race House 43rd District (2006) 48th district (Dodson, Kelley, Knighton, Pederson, Pure, Street, Sherman)

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