Monday, October 13, 2014

Policy Pitch

My story centers around the short (but expectedly successful) policy to allow beer and wine sold at the Moscow Farmer’s Market. The Moscow City Council approved the new policy last week. The Moscow Farmers Market Commission did a study during a few Farmers Markets to see how many people would be on board to buy beer or wine from local vendors. The last three markets (including two days ago, Sat. 11) will have samples and full craft beer/wine bottles for sale. The Moscow Farmers Market Commission Chair Erin Carroll said that she received 365 yes's and only 13 no’s when she asked them about their interest in buying beer and wine from the Farmers Market.

The story is relevant now because this could be the only three weeks the Farmers Market has wine and beer. However, IF this is successful then it would be the first time they’ve sold beer and win from local vendors, so it would be a great story to cover as the first ever. I’m interested to go to the market and see how successful things are, or are not.

Possible Interviews:
Erin Carroll, (More from her)
Mayor Lambert
MOS from Farmers Market
One of the vendors

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