Thursday, December 4, 2014

Final Pitch - Public Record Request

            I’m looking at the public issue of police wearing body cameras. After the Ferguson case people are more up in arms than ever before about police wearing body cameras. The outspoken public wants police to be watched and monitored so “a Michael Brown case” doesn’t happen again. I’ve seen a number of articles about some cities looking into body cameras. In September, the New York Times wrote an article about the NYPD doing a body camera pilot program. Also, the LA Times wrote an article about the LAPD choosing their contractor for their on-body cameras.
            We should read it now because body cameras, police and hard video evidence are a huge topic because of the Ferguson decision. I’m looking at making a national issue/aspect connect to Pullman. Pullman has required their officers to wear their body cameras, Pullman PD Commander Chris Tennant told me. Whitman County Prosecutor Dennis Tracy says the body cameras have helped with some cases as well. I’m hoping to contact New York PD because the Times reported a pilot program in September, and I haven’t seen anything from them in a little while, so I’m hoping they have some more information. I also want to talk with the LAPD to see how big cities are handling the cameras or if they’ve even been able to use them well yet.

Chris Tennant (looking to talk with Chief Jenkins too)
Dennis Tracy (looking to find another interview because he and Tennant said similar things)
NYPD (Not sure on a specific person)
LAPD (Not sure on a specific person)

Trying to decide on a fifth source

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